Tell us your story

While we have seen more than 100 speakers present their first ever session at either New Stars of Data or the DataGrillen Newcomer Track, we are sure there are many more stories out there, that we haven’t heard about yet so we want to hear from YOU!

  • What got you into speaking?
  • What was your first speaking experience like? How could it have been better?
  • What made you decide (not) to become a public speaker?
  • How was your experience mentoring a new speaker?
  • Which new speaker(s) have impressed you?
  • Why do you think new speakers are important for us as a community?

Whatever it is that makes you passionate, happy, frustrated, confused, excited…

How can you take part?

Publish your story on your own blog and tweet about it using the hashtag #NewStarNovember!

We will then summarize your stories at the end of November as an inspiration for our next generation of new stars!

PS: If you do not have a blog and need help getting your story published, ping and we’ll work something out for you 🙂