New Stars of Data

Downloads for the 2020 sessions can be found on our GitHub Page

Recordings are also available on YouTube

The launchpad for new speakers in the Microsoft Data Platform space

New Stars of Data is an event to help find and promote new speakers in the Microsoft Data Platform arena. Speakers submit their presentation ideas and are assigned to a seasoned speaker, who will mentor the newcomer in all aspects around delivering a presentation.

The event is the natural extension of the “Newcomer Track” from DataGrillen where a single track was dedicated to nurturing new speaker talent. New Stars of Data is an entire event focused only on newcomer speakers.

The criteria to be considered to speak at New Stars of Data are easy:

  1. You have never spoken at a large, public event before. (User Groups/Meetups do not rule you out!)
  2. Your presentation is on a topic in the Microsoft Data Platform world
  3. Your presentation is in English
  4. Your presentation will fill the allotted time (60 minutes)

Session submission has closed for the 2020 event. Check out the speakers wall and the schedule page to see which upcoming stars will be presenting their sessions in August.

Event support from Redgate Software