Speaker Improvement Library

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Since its beginning, New Stars of Data as well as the DataGrillen Newcomer track tried to enable new speakers to provide them the tools and help needed to build a present their first session. This time, we’re not looking for mentors or new speakers but for seasoned speakers, willing to share their experience and knowledge to help new and old stars to build better presentations.

Our efforts are also supported as part of the Microsoft Azure Data Community Advisory Board’s initiative on Diversity.

  • Accessibility for the hard of hearing / deaf benefits everyone Video

  • Accessible Presentation Design Video

  • Aunt Kathi’s tips for new presenters Video

  • Breaking the fourth wall – connecting to audiences with your presentations Video

  • Build effective slide decks in minutes! …Or maybe take your time? Video

  • Creating a Slide Deck from an Idea Video

  • Everybody Has a Story to Tell: Developing Your First Presentation Video

  • How do you do that? Remote Presentations. Video

  • How to host a successful panel Video

  • How to pre-record a session Video

  • How to write an abstract that catches everyone’s attention Video

  • Panel: New Stars of Data Speaker Experiences Video

  • Presentation Skills: Citations, References, and Fair Use Video

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You can also find the full PlayList on YouTube and additional materials on GitHub!

Here is a preview of some of the presenters that we’ll be adding soon:

A similar initiative is the Speaker Ready Hub on Channel 9 – make sure, to check those out as well!

Want to learn contribute but don’t know which topic?

Potential topics could include but are not limited to :

  • creating an abstract
  • building a slide deck
  • designing session flows
  • turning a slide deck into a presentation
  • accessible presentations
  • inclusive language
  • or how to pre-record a session.

Our goal is to build a free content library that’s available to everyone to help them improve their sessions – no matter if it’s their first or 100th, even though we think new speakers will benefit the most.

Contributors will get to choose between a live presentation (which is being recorded), us recording the session with them or them pre-recording the session. 

All rights of the content remain with the contributors – you donate us a non-exclusive license of your content for our community effort. Nothing should or would stop you however of course to also self-host your content in addition to that.